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A.D.U.  Made  Easy

Full-service Housing Design and Construction Solutions
Welcome To Our ADU Service.

we understand that home is the heart of life, and Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) present an ideal way to expand and enhance living spaces.

We are a specialized ADU construction company dedicated to creating high-quality, practical, and personalized ADU projects for our clients.

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What's of ADUs?

ADUs, known as “secondary units,” “in-law units,” or “granny flats,” can take many forms, including new detached units, additions to an existing home or garage, or the conversion of existing space into an ADU.

"The construction of a building requires a solid construction."
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What Do You Know About Us?

We are a specialized ADU construction company dedicated to creating high-qWe focus on California ADU projects, with a substantial client base and a thorough understanding of the region's distinctive building regulations and architectural styles.uality, practical, and personalized ADU projects for our clients.

Projects in Irvine

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We continually pursue innovation in the fields of design and construction, striving to provide excellent solutions that meet and exceed our clients' expectations.


Customer satisfaction is the key to our success. We listen to customer needs, actively respond to feedback, and ensure that each project surpasses customer expectations.

We recognize the power of teamwork. Through collaborative efforts, communication, and knowledge sharing, we have built a highly creative and synergistic professional team.

We focus on the sustainability of the environment, society, and economy. Through green building practices and the utilization of renewable energy sources, we work to minimize our environmental impact and create more sustainable living environments for the future.

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How to Build Good Construction?

To achieve a successful construction project, meticulous planning, adherence to quality materials, and effective communication with a skilled workforce are paramount. Additionally, maintaining compliance with regulations, implementing rigorous quality control, and managing budgets and timelines contribute to the foundation of a well-built construction.

Our Project

The ADU construction projects we have undertaken showcase our professional expertise in meticulous design and excellent construction, enhancing living spaces with unique charm and functionality in a creative manner to meet our clients' distinct needs.

Whole House Costom

Customized furniture design for the entire house, truly presenting your ideal space. Quick response, reasonable price, and satisfaction guarantee. Contact now and start a new home experience!

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Why Choose Us?

ADU Specialist Team

Our team possesses extensive experience in ADU design and construction, knowing how to maximize utility and comfort within limited spaces. Grounded in flexible and innovative design concepts, we ensure that each ADU meets the unique needs of our clients.

ADU Design & Plans

We provide professional design and customized services to fully meet your requirements for ADU.

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"From Design to Construction, Comprehensive One-Stop Service"

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New Building Residential

"Experience a seamless journey from conceptualization to completion with our comprehensive one-stop service. Our team offers expert guidance and support throughout the entire process, ensuring a cohesive and efficient transition from design to construction. From innovative design concepts tailored to your needs to the meticulous execution of construction, we are dedicated to delivering a holistic and streamlined experience for every project."

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New Building Residential
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Room Addition
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New Building Residential
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2 story ADU with Garage
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Detached ADU
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Garage Converted ADU
Garage Converted ADU

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